I wish to express my strong opposition to the consideration of the elimination of the 12b-1 fee. As a licensed insurance agent who also actively sells mutual funds, my work with my clients is consultative and requires ongoing support and information. Certainly it requires"handholding" during difficult market times.

The 12b-1 fee allows me to be compensated for the ongoing service that I provide a client. If a purchaser of mutual funds believes that he/she does not ever need the services of a broker-their option has always been to purchase a "no load" product.

The market (public) understands our role, and is willing to pay for it. When consumers already have a choice as to whether they wish to purchase a "load" or "no load" product, it would be counter productive to then limit their choice because brokers would no longer have the incentive to properly service them after the sale. It would make the purchase of a mutual fund purely transactional and not consultative.

Thank you for your consideration.

Arthur Gruber, CLU