To: Public File # S7-06-04
From:John Fahey
Date:June 15, 2005
RE:Meeting with Securities Industry Association re: Point of Sale

On June 2, 2005, Michael Udoff, Ira Hammerman, Donald Kittell and John Maurello of the Securities Industry Association, Robert Sabelhaus of Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc., Gerald Tankersley of the Lebenthal division of Advest, and Martin Byrne of Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., met with Director Annette Nazareth, Associate Director Robert L.D. Colby, other staff members from the Division of Market Regulation, and staff from the Commission's Office of General Counsel, Division of Investment Management, Office of Investor Education and Assistance, and Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations.

The representatives discussed their views on the Commission's January 29, 2004, proposed rule in Securities Act Release No. 33-8358, on which the Commission solicited additional comment on February 28, 2005, in Securities Act Release No. 33-8544.