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The following Letter Type H, or variations thereof, was submitted by individuals or entities.

Letter Type H:

Jonathan G. Katz,
Secretary Securities and Exchange Commission
450 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20549-0609

RE: Release No. 33-8358; IC-26341-1; File Number: S7-06-04

Dear Mr. Katz:

I have been a registered representative working as an independent contractor in the financial services field for many years.

I would like to express my concerns regarding the proposed new rules for point of sale and confirmation disclosures of mutual fund transactions for the following reasons:

First: The regulations are way too involved for the average person to understand exactly what it is I would be trying to tell them. Second: The cost to add these rules and notifications would only add to the cost of people investing and lower their yield. Sometimes to protect people from a few bad past experience you go overboard and end up punishing the rest of us with burdensome paperwork and regulations.

Therefore I respectfully request that the Commission:

  • Extend the comment period to 180 days to give ample time for analysis and comment by all interested parties; and

  • Realize the complexities and burdensome tasks they are proposing to place on member broker-dealers who represent the independent contractor registered representatives who generate over $7 billion in annual gross revenues would require inestimable costs in dollars and other resources;

  • Realize the the proposed required disclosures would only serve to heighten the confusion of an already totally confused investing public that is in dire need of competent investment advise

  • Not approve the proposed rules.

Respectfully submitted,


Modified: 11/12/2004