Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Maria C Wagner

April 2, 2005

Please allow additional time for comments, especially from Registered Representatives who will be impacted by the new rules File #S7-06-04. Today is April 2, 2005. I am working today and the April 4, 2005 deadline for comments obviously will not allow for adequate time to review the new rules.

The SEC must become more cognizant of the fact that Registered Representatives offering mutual funds and variable insurance products to their clients are extremely burdened by these various new rules which, in my opinion, will change very little how unethical persons deal with the public; however, ethical persons finding these rules too time-consuming and onerous may stop providing these products to their clients. Surely, the public is not served under these circumstances.

Frankly, the SEC having allowed major problems to occur by past lack of enforcement may be attempting to rectify their errors through implementing these new rules without adequate comments from us. This is NOT a solution. Please allow additional time for comments.