Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: JRW

February 17, 2004

My wife and I went to Bank One on January 17, 2004 to open IRAs. We asked them to use socially responsible funds such as Calvert. I deposited, in round numbers, 10,000 dollars and my wife, 6000 dollars. Imagine our horror when less than four weeks later we receive in the mail that we have lost together almost 1,000 dollars 952.00 to be exactto fees or charges We dont know what exactly the caarge is for. We telephoned and they said it was a sales charge. We were never told of this fee. We are shocked and feel duped. The man said it was in the perspectus that we received in the mail a week after the transaction. He said it was our fault for choosing a mutual fund. The papers we recieved from Bank One give no explanation of this fee anywhere. Thank you for the opportunity to speak up.