Subject: File No. S7-06-04

April 1, 2005

As a professional financial planner serving the public for 25 years, I have seen many changes to this profession, most of them reasonable and fair. I strongly advocate anything that would make clearer to clients the full impact of their decision to purchase investments, whether it be cost, tax consequences, risk assumption, whatever. It has been our duty to illuminate these factors to our clients before they invest, and we give them a prospectus with every solicitation, besides all the other analysis we do for them demonstrating why we chose the particular portfolio we constructed for them. This can be very complex, especially for retirees whose immediate need for income puts immediate demands on us as professionals to come up with the least restrictive plan at a reasonable cost. If we must also now render a dollar figure to each investment recommendation we make, and these can be many, we will be forced to recommend only those companies that will calculate this information for us, as we will never be able to afford the staff required to do this one extra step. We already have been forced to max out our staff preparing all the newly required forms to comply with the Patriot Act, annuities disclosure forms, net worth/suitability forms, etc, etc. We, with all our professional education, licensing, registration, and broker/dealer compliance auditing and monitoring have already pledged to do the right thing, yet why does the SEC want to micromanage us to death yet further. It wont make the process more efficient, but will force many of us professionals to pick another profession, and that wont serve the publics need for sound financial advise....yeah, go to Fidelity, see what theyll do for you...why price the small, entrepenerial professional out of the market with this wave of overwhelming regulation. We already have the prospectus in place that has been modified to address this problem.

Would you make auto dealers do this? No. How about oil companies? No The medical profession? No. Hospitals? No. Lawyers, CPAs? No. Why Us? Politicians???? NO. And they should be made accountable to the tax payers, and their contributors.