Subject: File No. S7-06-04
From: Jeff Biggs, LUTCF
Affiliation: Brier Payne Meade Insurance

March 30, 2005

Dear Mr. Jonathan G. Katz,

I am a licensed insurance professional and variable products agent. I am writing to you in regards to the new disclosure requirements contained in the SEC's proposal regarding the sales of mutual funds and variable annuities. I am 100% in agreement with disclosing the fees and expenses regarding these investment vehicles. Too many times I have seen other agents hand the client the prospectus and say,"here I have to give this to you per the SEC guidelines" and not even cover how the fees or expenses work regarding the proposed variable investment.

I feel that if the fees and expenses were broken out on a separate sheet for the client to examine then they would understand how the investment vehicle works. I also feel it would eliminate about 70-80% of all complaints regarding variable annuities that end up at the insurance commissioner's office annually. It is for these reasons that I strongly support the proposed requirements, for they are indeed in the best interest of the consumer. I would not only disclose them on a separate sheet but would have the client sign the new disclosure sheet acknowledging that they understand the fees and expenses regarding this investment vehicle. Sincerely,

Jeff Biggs, LUTCF
Brier Payne Meade Insurance
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