From: Robert L. Erkel
Sent: March 31, 2005
Subject: File No. S7-06-04

To the SEC in reference to the proposed additional disclosure form:

I just want to comment that I've been in the industry since the later 80's and the prospectus does a nice job of laying out the cost and fee associated with mutual funds and variable annuities. Instead of creating another layer of administration and bureaucracy, I would suggest simplifying the prospectuses or requiring something in the prospectus that puts that information up front if you need it presented more clearly. Many times when a client has a problem or issue, we quickly want to come to a system wide change to deal with that one client's problem or few clients' problems. Then we create a mountain of paperwork to deal with what might be an issue for a small number of people. I would suggest you look at the long term impact of these changes and find a more streamlined way to use current prospectuses, which already require to disclose this information.

If you have additional questions, please contact me.

Best regards,

Bob Erkel

Life, NMIS (Series 7, General Securities Representative)

Robert L. Erkel, CLU, ChFC, CFP

Financial Representative
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