From: Stacey Schwartz Sent: May 07, 2008
Subject: Exorbitant CEO Compensation

Dear Chairman Cox,

CEO compensation packages currently exceeded all rational expectations. For example, Capital One Financial (COF, news, msgs) CEO Richard Fairbank got $249 million by cashing in options. I am a Capitol One card holder and I can't cash in the 25,355 miles I've accumulated over the past 4 years because these aren't enough miles to cover a plane ticket that costs $139 one way; Capitol One won't let you split the cost(allowing you to use your miles and paying a leftover balance with your Capitol One card.) I was told I need to accumulate at least 35,000 miles to cover a plane ticket. However, with the continued increase in fuel prices forcing an increase in the price of airfare, I may never have enough miles to pay for a plane ticket. Yet, Fairbanks can cash in his options and make a killing. What did he do to earn this level of compensation? Where is the justice? Why are Corporate Boards allowed to negotiate CEO compensation packages with no oversight? When do the best interests of the shareholders become a priority?


Stacey Schwartz