From: Payiatakis, Stathis Sent: May 07, 2008

Mr. Chairman,

You must feel pretty inadequate - possibly moronic - knowing that these exec, compared to you, are 100 to 400 times better at what they do.

And while you are ruminating, please remember that the company wealth is to reward the investors, i.e., the owners of these companies, as well as those poor dregs that are actually producing the earnings that the CEO skim. They are not there for the express benefit of the CEOs and their greed. Incidentally, do you think it’s possible to enact Mafia-style (or Muslim-style) restitution legislation to address these “talents” for skimming from the companies? I am one who would enthusiastically write to my rep and ask him to support such.

To add insult to injury, the forever cozy relationship of the board members with the management (incestuous bedfellows?) has exaggerated this malfeasance.

Please have some pride in your job and your role and show that you can be/produce better than that 1/100 (or 1/400 for the rest of us) you, presumably, have accepted.

PS… I can guarantee you, in writing, that I can do as well (or as badly) as any one of these self-fawning inflatables if I were handed their jobs…..Furthermore, I am willing to take a 98% pay cut from $120 mil. Reasonable offer?

Stathis P