Sent: May 07, 2008

It's unbelievable how highly paid CEO's are in this country. I'm sick of the rheteric about how we have to pay CEO's well in order to get the best talent. So we end up paying them very well and the companies perform poorly, and the CEO's still get paid well. Then they leave the mess behind and leave. The Board of Directors of these companies are mostly to blame as well. How does this affect me -- the average Joe? Well, it affects me a lot. Look at the sub-prime mess. Look at the mess of today's economy. Highly paid CEO's and Boards of Directors are helping to run this country into bankrupcy and are robbing my little wallet of my hard earned money.

Hey, I want a CEO job myself. How can I get one? I can do an outstanding job putting stockholders at risk as well as any CEO. Pay ME. Hire ME. I'll do a bang up job for HALF of what these CEOs are getting paid.

Kim Warden