From: Ervin Buba
Sent: January 9, 2007
Subject: File No. S7-03-06

Dear Sir:

As an investor and a general manager in a privately held corporation I believe we have a responsibility to give investors the power to vote directly for board members. Our system is purposely stacked against the investor’s ability to vote for change. In the long run this is not beneficial to the markets. It is not only class envy that is stocked but in the long run it creates a hostile working environment. In a time when our country needs to pool our greatest resource “our people” to invigorate our nation as a whole as we compete on a global level, it is extremely important to give everyone a voice. It is important to fight the “good old boy” image. The US is no longer seen as the leader in open and honest business dealings. Please continue to work to this end.


Ervin Buba