To: Rule Comments
From: Randall Payment
Subject: Executive Compensation Rules, File No. S7-03-06
Date: January 17, 2006

I strongly support the proposed rules change for Executive Compensation. The bottom line total for CEO pay is very important for full disclosure.

Frankly, you couldnít go far enough to correct the excesses of the modern US economy. We live in a time where average workers donít get raises at best, or get laid off at worst. But itís been a great time for CEOís as their pay continues to climb. I could work for a year as a CEO, fail completely, get fired, and still take home a bigger retirement package than I will be able to save in 40+ years of work. When is enough, enough? Our president, congress, and senate all fall over themselves to continue showering new tax breaks for the rich and powerful. Excess CEO pay would be better going back to the company, the employees, and the shareholders.

Randall Payment