From: Robert Meyheim
Sent: August 10, 2006
Subject: File No. S7-03-04

SEC Chairman Christopher Cox

Dear SEC Chairman Cox,

Shocking that AFL-CIO and ILWU are supporting illegal immigration by favoring amnesty for 12 million plus criminals who are here illegally in contempt of our laws. Illegal immigrants are a drain on the American tax payer. They receive millions of $$$ in health, welfare and social services that many citizens cannot get and all at the American tax payer's expense. They are greatly responsible for the source of the decline of the standard of living for the American worker and the American way of life as a whole. This is just one affect this criminal activity has as there are also the risks of terrorism, drugs, diseases, and the increased crimes we Americans have to cope with.

The labor struggle in the country evolved from a need to benefit the American worker by uniting them in defense against unfair labor practices and provide a decent standard of living through fair wages and decent medical benefits. Now, some of our labor unions are defending the willful breaking of our nation's laws by condoning this felonious activity of illegal immigration, their hiring to American jobs and promoting amnesty for no reason other than to get dues payments because they know that the counter parts of the illegal immigrants dominate the union membership making it hard for union workers of other races to get full time permanent jobs in the companies that are partners to the labor agreements made. They will do anything to keep the flow of dues payments coming.

Another issue exists in the collective bargaining warehouse industry. I have been a member of a manual labor union since 1971?.a long time. Back in the day my father helped to build this particular union at the risk of his and his family?s lives. My son?s mother did quite a bit in helping with the Union as well during the 70?s, 80?s, and 90?s. I have a very dear friend who also was extremely instrumental in assisting the Union. I have always done my part and have always supported the Union. Now, I do not expect to get special treatment for any this but I do expect the Union to educate the foreigners (legal or otherwise) that they let in on the labor movement so they understand the sacrifices made by others and refrain from helping only their own kind to get jobs and screwing over people who are not of their decent by degrading them to management and other ways of preventing them from getting a permanent position. If the Union did the right things then everyone would have a competitive opportunity. But, the Union stopped mandatory membership meetings, education, did not provide jobs for full members before allowing hopefuls to work, failed to monitor for discriminatory hiring activities at the locations partnered with the labor agreement committed by their very own members. The emphasis was only on obtaining membership dues.

The last thing I want to say is this. I grew up in a time not long after we were promised two chickens in every pot and a car in every garage. My father worked as laborer in the one of the above mentioned Unions and was able to support a family of four and substantially contribute to a satellite family. Admittedly, there was not a whole lot to go around, but, there was food, clothes, and the little extras for everyone at the appropriate times. These were ?Happy Days.? What the hell happened? Now we are forced to pay millennium prices with the 1970 wages that are forced upon us while at the same time being indoctrinated with all these new wonderful advances displayed on public television for us to purchase. All the while jobs are being exported to take advantage of cheap foreign wages without the savings being passed on to Americans and cheap labor imported by the droves via illegal immigration. And not only is this illegal activity condoned, but advocated by those elected and paid to run our government on our behalf. And now it worsens because organized American labor supports illegal immigration.

This American has had enough!


Robert Meyheim