From: Michael Askins
Sent: August 10, 2006
Subject: File No. S7-03-04

SEC Chairman Christopher Cox

Dear SEC Chairman Cox,

Dear Filthy Legislator,

Congress is the reason I don't invest. Nothing less than a Revolution will change the corruption in Washington Defacto D.C. on the filthy Potomac. CEO's are out of control, the Money Mongers are out of Control, the IRS is out of Control, The Federal Reserve Bank is your daddy and an illegal creation of white collar criminals. Your foreign policy violates the separation of church and state not to mention the law of nations. Your Propaganda machine controls the news industry and YOU are all filthy liars the moment you took your oaths of office and received payment in Federal Reserve Notes.

Washington in short is running a Police State - Economic Slave Labor Camp across America at the People's expense so you can be wined and dined by criminal CEO's, Lobbyists, Fiat Bankers and Foreign Communist Nations who have stripped America's middle class of their jobs, technology and standard of living (but not your standard of living you dirty Politicians).

I hate to even communicate with you because you are such criminals, terrorists, liars, thieves and mass murderers AKA 9-11 for the purpose of invading Afghanistan (Unical), Iraq and the Middle East and all the ignorant service men and women who had to die as a result of your non stop stream of deceptive lies.

I pray for the day America turns off its TVs and heads to the streets to take back their property, rights and lives.

You should all be ashamed that I have to even write in this strong of language, but no, to you well fed politicians I am the problem, and represent the rising tide of irate Americans that will one day hold you all accountable for the unlawful acts you commit daily under a permanent state of national emergency you helped to create and maintain for the monied interests as well as your own personal gain.


Mutual funds are an increasingly important savings vehicle for tens of millions of working Americans like me. We are the owners of these funds and we bear the risks if they are dominated by self-interested insiders. We look to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to protect us. I am writing to express my strong support for the proposed rule requiring that mutual fund boards have an independent chairperson and at least 75 percent independent directors. These rules were among the most important reforms adopted by the SEC in the wake of the mutual fund trading and sales abuse scandals.

A recent study by AFSCME and The Corporate Library found mutual funds provide a rubber stamp for excessive management pay, supporting more than three-quarters of all management pay proposals. Ninety percent of institutional investors think the current system overpays executives. We need independent directors to stand up to the excesses of the money managers.

The Investment Company Act requires that mutual funds be managed in the interests of their shareholders. Requiring independent directors and chairpersons will help ensure this safeguard for the small investor, to make sure the little person gets a fair shake.


Michael Askins