From: Edward Kevorkian
Sent: August 10, 2006
Subject: File No. S7-03-04

SEC Chairman Christopher Cox

Dear SEC Chairman Cox,

The American people are desperately trying to get many of our politicians to understand quite simply that we demand a strong border-security bill and demand that our current immigration laws be enforced. We refuse to accept any bills or negotiations embracing talks of broad legislation that would precipitate in a guest-worker program that would in effect grant any form of amnesty to current illegal aliens invading our country, provide acceptance of anchor babies which is in fact a violation of our 14th Amendment, nor any other immigration changes that compromise our sovereignty, add to our already heavy tax burden, deny fellow US citizens of employment, needed welfare and social services in order to provide same said jobs and services to invaders of our nation once the borders are secure. Additionally we expect that our immigration laws be enforced to severely punish employers who knowingly and willfully hire those who have no legal right to be here in America.

Americans are aware that key pro-amnesty senators have indicated that they are willing to accept a bill that puts the initial focus on enforcement, particularly border security, as long as it eventually includes a path to citizenship and a new foreign-worker program. However, Americans are asking what is it about what we want that these senators do not understand? Do they hear us, are they listening to us or are they following the dictates of someone or some entity other than the will of the people? It certainly appears that way to most Americans and we do not like what we see and hear.

We are not interested in ?Ellis Island? centers that would eventually grant amnesty to current illegal aliens as Mr. Mike Pence advocates nor anything else he has in mind. We do not accept his agenda period. It is contrary to the will and benefit of the citizens of the United States of America. It is that simple. He, Senators McCain, Kennedy, Specter and all their other supporters are ignoring the desires and voice of the people and should be called to the carpet and respond to serious questions as to why they are failing the American people by not doing the job they are hired to do.

Americans do not care if Mike Pence believes that many senators fundamentally misunderstand House Republicans' objections to the Senate bill. He is quoted as saying, "They think the path to citizenship is how the House defines amnesty, and I?ve been trying to convey that amnesty for most House members is if you can get right with the law by paying a fine, that?s amnesty. The path to citizenship is just an extension of that amnesty.? Well, Americans are not interested in fines or forgiveness! We demand the prompt deportation of alien invaders from our country, invaders who take our jobs for sub-standard wages, bring down our standard of living, bring their unacceptable behaviors, crime, untreated diseases, while draining enormous sums of our tax dollars reaping welfare and other social services that we are required to pay for while needy Americans throughout the country do without. These invaders break our local, state, and federal laws, disrespect our flag, our nation, language, and people. They virtually spit in our faces while taking every free benefit unavailable to most citizens without any sense of impropriety while we foot the bill. This is inexcusable and unacceptable!

What is it going to take for the politicians to clean out their ears and listen to the voice of America? If they cannot listen to us, how can they speak for us? Obviously, they are doing neither and it is high time that they do.


Edward Kevorkian