From: Bob Cramer []
Sent: February 24, 2004
Subject: File No. S7-03-04

Plea to J.G.Katz, Secretary,SEC

I'm an average "Joe Citizen" who has worked hard to accumulate savings to provide for myself and family, and not expect the government to do it for me. These saving are invested in mutual funds. You can imagine how frustrating it is for me to hear of all those unscrupulous individuals now before the SEC for their outright stealing of other's hard earned money. Us common people realistically only have you and your organization to protect us. Better to do that before the fact rather than allowing it to happen and then trying to persecute the offenders.

So, I'm asking, no-pleading with you, to set up rules and high penalties to offenders. Require the chairman of mutual funds be chosen from unbiased outsiders who don't work for advisor firms. The current practice is "Fox in the chicken coop" kind of thing.

Thank you,
Bob Cramer