Variable Annuity Summary Prospectus, tell us what you think

File No. S7-23-18

We require insurance companies to give you—in one long document called a prospectus—a lot of information when you purchase a variable annuity. We are now proposing a different approach. Under the proposed approach, insurance companies may instead choose to give you a short summary document. The longer document would still be available online (and you could receive a paper copy of it at no charge if you ask for it). We call the short summary document a summary prospectus.

We would like to know what you think about the summary prospectus. Please take a few minutes to review this sample summary prospectus and answer any or all of these questions. Thank you for your feedback!

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1. Have you ever considered purchasing a variable annuity?  

2. The sample summary prospectus is divided into eight sections. Please indicate which two sections you found to be the most useful, and which two sections you found to be the least useful, in describing the variable annuity
Name of the Section Most Useful Least Useful Why?
a. Overview of the Variable Annuity Contract
b. Important Information You Should Consider About the Contract
c. Standard Death Benefit
d. Other Benefits Available Under the Contract
e. Buying Your Contract
f. Surrendering Your Contract or Making Withdrawals: Accessing the Money in Your Contract
g. Additional Information About Fees
h. Portfolio Companies Available Under Your Contract

3. The sample summary prospectus includes a section named “Overview of the Variable Annuity Contract.” Does that section provide clear information?  

4. The section named “Important Information You Should Consider About the Contract” includes a table. Do you think the table is clear?  

5. The sample summary prospectus describes what you would pay for the variable annuity, including upfront fees and future fees. Was this description clear?  

6. Variable annuities may offer optional insurance benefits that you can purchase for extra fees. The sample summary prospectus describes these optional benefits.
 A. Does the sample summary prospectus describe these optional benefits clearly?  

 B. Does the sample summary prospectus describe the extra fees associated with these optional benefits clearly? 

7. When you purchase a variable annuity, you decide how to invest your money by selecting one or more available mutual funds.
The sample summary prospectus includes a table of mutual funds that are available as investment options. Does this table provide the information
that you would want to consider when choosing mutual funds?  

8. After reading the sample summary prospectus, how likely would you be to request the full prospectus for more information on the following topics?
Name of the Section Very Likely Likely Neither Likely Nor Unlikely Unlikely Very Unlikely
Investment options (mutual funds) offered under the variable annuity
Standard death benefit
Optional insurance features (also called optional benefits or riders)
Fees (how much the variable annuity costs)
Mechanics of how a variable annuity works (how to purchase, accessing money, annuitization, etc.)

9. Is the length of the document:  

10. How would you prefer to receive/read a document like the sample summary prospectus?  

We will post your feedback on our website. Your submission will be posted without change; we do not redact or edit personal identifying information from submissions. You should only make submissions that you wish to make available publicly.

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If you are interested in background information on the proposed variable annuity summary prospectus, or want to provide feedback on additional questions, click here. Comments should be received on or before February 15, 2019.

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