Subject: File No. 4-500
From: Was AA

May 28, 2005

Itís time that the SEC centralizes the distribution of shares for the sake of accountability, disclosure, and consistency in the equity market. In effect, what Iím suggesting is a central computer system in which all information about shares are managed, set, and retrieved, including current number of outstanding shares, number of authorized shares, reverse splits, forward splits, and, most importantly, the person or institution having claims to a share, both short and long.

Having a central computer system to provide state and identity of shares does not translate into limitations of the equity market. On the contrary, it will provide more flexibility and efficiency than what is possible today. Public companies can easily access the system to issue shares, or change the number of authorized outstanding shares. Handlers of shares can easily change prices, and trade them how they like. And brokers and the such can setup their software to directly access the central computer system. Becoming a publicly traded entity will take only a couple of minutes or hours. Another exciting thing is that it will enable investigators to spot violators within minutes.

Another important factor is that computers interpret and enforce rules better than humans. Imagine all those thousands of intertwined rules programmed into the computer. Malicious individuals will not be able to take advantage of the system and defraud investors. Defrauding the system will not be a simple matter of your moral standings. The system cannot be abused either intentionally or accidentally.

Imagine the integrity is exponentially strengthened by the central computer system. What will that do to the US economy? The influx of investors, making the transition from regular savings accounts to the equity market, will be huge. Confidence equals a greater investment. Greater investment equals a larger economy. By no means does the US have to sit on the sidelines while it watches other countries grow at significantly larger rates: there is still lots to do in this world: THOSE POOR COUNTRIES HAVE PEOPLE; WE HAVE TECHNOLOGY, WHICH CAN DO MORE AND NUMBER MORE THAN ALL THE HUMANS FILLING UP THE SUN!

The problems the SEC is having are problems that are trivial to software engineers. Software engineers regularly have to deal with the management and organization of virtual objects in dynamic settings. My recommendation to you is to get software engineers to consult you. Trust me, THEY WILL SOLVE MANY OF YOUR PROBLEMS. Think about this: How can the addresses of the Web work flawlessly, and the lifeblood of our economy (shares) be in such a poor state of affairs?

I am an OTCBB and pink sheet trader, and a software engineer. Iím deep in the filth that is out there, and I would like something done about it. Thatís why Iím so interested in the SEC having a more grasp of the equity market, even if it gets a private company to manage the market. I choose to trade in these unreliable exchanges because I like to support startups, and I like huge returns. I will feel a lot better, and the US will feel a lot better, if the filth gets cleaned up.