Subject: PLEASE Regulate NAKED SHORT SELLING of RDXM, Radix Marine

November 6, 2005

Many of us owning Radix Marine stock, RDXM, are convinced there is massive unregulated, unchecked and ILLEGAL Naked Short Selling of this Start-up Developmental Company. The stock value has been so ruined, it now sells for less than a penny. The stock has now been moved from the OTCbb to the pink sheets. Most of us bought this stock because it had a partnership with Raytheon and Northrop Grumman to design and build remotely operated unmanned watercraft for Homeland Security applications.

We are begging the SEC to investigate this probable crime and enforce the law regarding ILLEGAL Naked Short Selling. The impact on our investment has been devastating due to this activity. PLEASE HELP US.

Thank You.

Sheila M Toomey