From: Ricci D. Null
Sent: June 14, 2005
Subject: File No. 4-500

To Whom it may concern;

I am the President/CEO of a small company (First National Panel Company, Inc.) trading on the pink sheets. I have first hand experience with short sellers of securities on this exchange. I acquired a shell company to reverse merge my private company into it. I did this with naive idea that I could utilize the public to help fund the expansion and operations of my company. I am just a manufacturing and building company you can view my website for more information, .

All that has happened is a lot of people made money from selling my companies stock on the market and short selling the price into the dirt. I suppose I should have stayed private but, too late now. When there is only approximately 5 million free trading shares and they were held by normal people or at least by people that wanted the company to succeed and over a million shares trades in a day, something is wrong. We need some type of regulation or reporting of short sellers. Canít you people do anything to help us little guys who want to do things the right way and create jobs and help people have a good life. Maybe this is one of the reasons everyone is running to China. I know I had my chance and decided to keep American jobs in America. Now they have just taken a viable funding avenue away or at least made it harder and put me in jeopardy of losing valid contracts by delaying production. What I am stating here is true and sincere, I hope someone reads it. Finally, if you are looking for some bad guys, some of my problem comes from Darrel Uselton of Pro Trading and Warrior Capital and his uncle Jack Uselton. These are the folks that arranged the acquisition of the shell company for me.

Thank you for your time,

Ricci D. Null
First National Panel Company, Inc.