Subject: SEC File No. 4-500

September 19, 2005


I am a concerned shareholder of many 60,000 +

This concerns the recent article written to expose the "Naked Short Selling" of stock in the OTC market place. Perhaps , one should start to look into the MASSIVELY shorted shares of common stock CMKX. Most known shorted company in this history. Over 2-3 trillion shares !!!

Possibly one of the largest of it's kind. So, bad that most high end SEC personnel wants them shut down so bad so that none of this information leaks out to the public interest. They have gone through so much recently.

You should start looking toward key inside personnel who play a great role in the removal of certain OTC Pinksheet stock companies.

This will be one heck of a cleanup for DTCC/SEC. No OPEN MARKET covering has yet happened for this stock and it should start now!!

Thank you for listening and hope something can be done about this.

Johnny Ruscitto