Subject: File No. 4-500
From: Howard I. Busch

May 6, 2005

Dear SEC,

I am writing in regards to a rule change sorely needed for the pink sheets and OCTBB markets. There has been major manipulation of stock prices by some no good greedy short sellers of these minor markets who play by a totally different set of rules than the average investor like me. I invest my hard earned money in hopes of riding up the charts with solid macro cap companies like FEDI and SVSE only to get slammed by these scrupulous short sellers driving the shares of stock lower so they can cash in on a few pennies profit. I have to wait 3 days for a transaction to clear so that I am not in violation of the free ride law. I don't understand why it is legal for a few to profit while the many get screwed. Please make these people abide by the same rules that are set up for the major markets such as Dow, Nasdaq, etc.

Please hold short sellers to the same transparency laws as the NASDAQ by referring to SEC File No. 4 - 500


Howard I Busch
Shareholder of record in FEDI, SVSE, MVOG, and HESG