July 1, 2005

I believe that this company is involved in naked short selling. They also have a total disregard for their investors. I was told by Peter Michaels, (CFO) that Hop-On would not do a reverse split by no means back in April. In May the company did a reverse split. He stated to me that it was for the good of the company. He is a liar.

They dumped almost 10 billions shares within a four month period and then did a 2000 to 1 reverse split.

That is just not fair to the shareholder at all.

Now the stock is being diluted again. It is trading larger and larger amounts every day and keeps going down. No one is buying the stock. Why would people continue to sell it at a loss. The only other alternative is naked short selling.

Peter Michaels and Dan Gannon only look out for themselves. They have no regard for the people that have invested in this company so they can add to their bank accounts. (The shareholders are the ones that supplied the money so they could make the company grow). The only thing they are doing is taking it and spending it on their lavish lifestyle.

I recently found out the Peter Michaels in due for sentencing for money laundering. How can he be a CFO of a corporation if he has a felony record?

I hope that something can be done about this company.


Gary Christy