Subject: Nakeds

October 21, 2005

Dear Sec:

I am an 81 year old who has been damaged by naked shorting in my stok company. I inow you are aware of the damage that has occured due to this practice. As you have no doubt rec'd many, many letters regarding this this practice. mine just one more drop in the bucket.

Also I will lose very much of my life saving if CMKM is wiped out. Here are about sfifty thousnad of we stockholders in the company that will be badly damaged financially should the company be deposed. For the good of those holders it would be most important if something could be worked out to save what money we have. Especially those at my age who are hoping for a proper action that will allow the holders to realize a profit and not a loss.

We are at the end of the rope I guess by tomorrow if something positive in our favor does not occur. I am a mere holder and not involved in any of the companies functions. I do not know personally any of the officer et al. However, I do hope that something can occur to save the large number of holders investment.

I have never written any government organization in my entire life, however, this possible deposition will sure wreck what is left of my short span of years and my wifes also.

Thanks you for your attention to this brief epistle.

G. Brown Sr.

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