Subject: File No. 4-500
From: Danny C. Barnett

May 7, 2005


I ask that you support Sec File No 4-500 and stop short sellers from manipulating the OTC market.

I am retired and live on a fixed income. I have very little money but found the opportunity to invest a few thousand dollars in a start up company called Fidelis Energy. I have invested about $4,000.00 with them in hope to make a little money as the company grows, only to see my investment turn to $2,000.00 in value due to manipulation by wealthy short sellers. They do this my gradually eroding the price of the stock by a continuous short selling.

This is unfair and should not be allowed. It says to every small investor, "stay away, the rich will only take what is yours". I urge you to support Sec File No 4-500 and stop this action. I am going to stay with the company and when the company grows, it is my hope that the market will reach the point that it can not be manipulated in this manner.

I urge you to help me and all other small investors. Please stop this action by passing laws that will prevent this in the future.

Danny C Barnett