Subject: File No. 4-500

May 3, 2005


This is to voice our support for the proposed rule change as supported by the Pink Sheets for the OTCBB and the pink sheet exchanges.

As our company has been a victim of the short sellers in the past and continue to suffer from short sellers manipulating the price of our stock, we can attest to the damage cause by this unscrupulous and greedy activity.

Short selling in our securities has sabotaged our efforts to make acqusitions, secure funding, engage in joint ventures, prevent bonding and scared potential investors away. It has in effect defeated the very purpose for which we went public: to have access to the capital markets to fund our business.

We would encourage the SEC and The NASD to enforce this regulation post haste and send a signal to the market manipulators that the SEC watches OTCBB companies and pink sheets as closely as it does Nasdaq National and that there is no difference to the investing public or to the companies in being public on a major exchange or on a so called lesser exchange.

Losses as a result of short selling hurts both public perception of these markets further.

C M Nurse
SiteWorks Building & Development Co.,

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