From: Cary Harris
Sent: June 14, 2005
Subject: File No. 4-500

I have not been able to get stock certificates for my stocks for over six months now. I have paid my fees for these services but the broker blames the transfer agent and the transfer agent blames the broker. I still do not have $40,000 worth of stock certificates. They say they are over-sold and do not have any shares with certs. Where are MY SHARES? I have a listing in my account that says I own these shares but no certs. $40,000 is not much to many people out there but it is to me. I can just see another fleecing of the middle class like in the GREAT DEPRESSION, when it comes time for these people to produce these certificates. “Sorry, thanks for your money, but I can’t give you anything back.” As he hides in his protected homestead in Florida driving off in his Mercedes Benz.

These naked short sellers and the lack of common sense rules, is selling out America and jeopardizing everyone’s future. I have no choice but to keep playing the game with these crooked rules.

Thanks a lot,
Cary Harris