Subject: File No. 4-500
From: Bob Waskom

May 3, 2005

Please fix this. Bob Waskom

Without this rule change your company, your shareholders and securities regulators will be blind to any short selling activity in your stock. The SEC needs to know that the lack of short sale information in your securities is unacceptable and demand they change NASD Rule 3360 immediately."

The Pink Sheets is a centralized quotation service that helps facilitate trading in OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet stocks for broker dealers and investors by providing a real time quote system for the 8,000 companies listed on the OTC BB and Pink Sheets. Although it is not officially affiliated with the NASD, the NASD gets a fee from broker members for each share that is traded, even shares that are sold short and never purchased on the open market, a practice which advocates calling for reform in the stock market say is the equivalent of stock counterfeiting.

Coulson has asked companies to write a letter or email to the SEC and NASD on their company letterhead in support of amending NASD Rule 3360 to include OTC BB and Pink Sheet stocks, and to "please ask others in your company to comment to the SEC, and Email a copy of this letter to your major shareholders, your investment banker, and your trade association. Urge them to get involved, too. Every voice counts in the debate, and yours could be the one that puts us over the top."

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