August 12, 2005
Subject: File No. 4-500

agree there should be more regulation with the OTC and Pinksheet markets. It is obsurd that investors wanting to buy these stocks typically pay 5% to both buy and sell, only to have market makers or gate keepers buy at lower prices with larger share amounts. Short selling and naked short selling put investors at an unfair advantage. We can't see the orders, prices and lot sizes they have when placing orders. We also do not have the economic capital to do so. I typically see an inactive stock have a buy order for say 5,000, only to see a sell order for 5,000 2-4 seconds later. Price and volume manipulations, or pump and dumps have been common practices. Often times with these companies, there is behind the seens financing done with the common stock. This gives a motive for the financier to short or naked short the stock. There are many ploys out there run by companies and they make it an unfair environment for investing.

Thank you,

Brian Plain