Subject: File No. 4-500
From: Bruce Kirk, President
Affiliation: The Tradeshow Marketing Company

June 22, 2005

Hello my name is Bruce Kirk, I am the president of The Tradeshow Marketing Company, Ltd., (an OTC-Pink Sheets listed company). My companies employees and shareholders are appreciative for the capitalistic spirit America has and the equity markets that make capitalism accessible for all.

I am writing you this message because I am concerned with keeping the integrity of our capital markets in tact. I am specifically referring to short sellers in our markets and the manipulation they are able to create in our OTC Pink Sheets market.

I would like for you to refer to SEC File No. 4-500. Request for Rulemaking Regarding Member Records of "Short" Positions and Reporting and Public Dissemination of Aggregate Positions by Security.

This is a very important issue for me and I believe for all companies, their employees and their shareholders who are listed on the OTC Pink Sheets.

Please consider amending this rule to our benefit as it is important to the survival of my company and many others.

The full rule change request is available for you to read at: and


Best regards,

Bruce Kirk
P: 1 800 585 8762
F: 1 208 246 3555