Subject: File No. 4-500
From: Bertha Dent

May 21, 2005


I am writing you in concern about the naked short selling of securities by the market makers. Why do you (leaders of enforcement) allow this blatant illegal shorting of stocks to continue year in and year out? Where is your integrity? Where is your American spirit? Where is your economical prowess? This is very disturbing to watch our leaders of our trading industry allow this to continue in the massive manner in which happens. We need to immediately clean up this dirty little secret of wall street. If you do not clean up this dirty little secret of wall street, we are going to have substantial problems that even our children will not be able to over come in this sinking country of ours. If you do not soon clean this up, you are going to start seeing protests in Washington, New York and in other places going on that will get out of control. This situation is a "hair away from a Mt. Saint Helen eruption." And when this happens, the laws makers will slowly but surely be removed from their respective offices. For the love of our country, I beg of you, please live up to your duties and stop this madness that is causing innocent investors and promising companies to lose billions of dollars each year, which causes many companies to go bankrupt and average shareholders to lose faith in the very system that you are supposed to be safe guarding.