From: Alexandra (Sandy) Triffo
Sent: July 23, 2005
Subject: File No. 4-500

I am not really writing on the ease of short selling on the Pink Sheets, but rather to alert at the complete brazen fraud of a pink company.

Greyfield Capital (GRYF) is a complete fraud for a company. Ron Pilling and Barry Ching resigned from the company in 2000. They just issued themselves shares and altered the incorporation to a different state through the transfer agent United Stock (Executive Transfer); Jack Donnelly. Is this legal to do? Can I just take a company like Greyfield and simply because it is not actively trading or shorting and assume it and issue myself millions of shares?

Can I see how much the transfer agent was paid off to do this as well? I think he probably makes a pretty good living doing this kind of thing.

Please respond, I am eager to hear some feedback on this matter.

S Triffo