Subject: File No. 4-500

August 2, 2005

To whom this may concern,

I think it is a crime to allow NAKED SHORT SELLING to take place and immediate legal action should be taken to stop it. I have lost over $20,000.00 due to this activity in the past 2 years. i.e. CMKX diamonds inc(CMKX), Rocky Mountain Energy (RMEC), Unico inc (UNCN), Ekwan-X Inc. (EKWX). Though I would be considered a small investor by many, I am an investor just the same. As a law abiding citizen I believe justice should be served NOW and this problem stopped NOW. If a person sold a house that they didn't own, to another person, and collected the money and skipped town, the court would step in and prosecute the seller. What is the difference between that type of scam and naked short selling? I consider this activity to be an act of ECONOMIC TERRORISM AGAINST OUR COUNTRY, against company's contributing to the advancement of our economy and to the investors. The people, brokers, dealers, market makers, bankers and PRESENT INSTITUTION CHARGED WITH POLICING THE LENDING OF STOCK involved in illegal short selling of stock should be punished with a fine and incarceration as this scam is an attack upon the economy of our country. And they have done just that. They are causing great harm to our national economic security by way of ruining companies and stealing millions of dollars from investors by trading worthless stock. If the World Bank were robbed today, our government would take action tomorrow, so why isn't action be taken against those guilty of NAKED SHORT SELLING??? Is it because the NASD, SEC and SOME INVESTMENT BANKERS APPROVE OF THIS ACTIVITY AND might be REAPING MONETARY BENEFITS FROM THIS??? As a law abiding citizen of this country I demand that this activity be stopped NOW, the guilty persons be charged with TREASON and the losses of honest investors be repaid with interest.


A Harmed Investor