October 4, 2005

Subject: File Number 265-23

In re: Naked Short Selling.

I believe someone once said that people who complain about naked short selling just want their stocks to rise in price. Actually I'm complaining about naked short selling and don't care if my stock price goes up or not - I'm a "buy and hold" investor with a few quality investments that pay great dividends. What I'm complaining about is the blatant stealing that is transpiring. Large Brokers, Hedge Funds, et al are selling something they do not have and keeping the money. And the SEC, the SROs, and Congress are letting them get away with it. Are the political contributions the only value to be considered ? Whatever happened to Public Trust and the Rule of Laws? Are the State Regulators our only hope?

The Reg SHO list is vivid proof that stealing continues without any concern from the forces that are supposed to protect the Public Trust and Interests. I ask you to please take action and stop this practice.

Thank you for your time, interest, and action.