October 4, 2005

Subject: File Number 265-23

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I consider myself to be an investor of average intelligence, experience, and means. With this, I have an expectation that investment in a company listed in the capital markets will return investment appreciation and dividend value if the companies future financial performance exceeds their current financial performance. Unfortunatly, thanks to rules allowing "naked shorting" under the pretense of "maintaining a stable market," inethical fund managers have been allowed to sell short far more shares than the DTC can facilitate delivery (as illustrated by the ineffectual REG SHO list). The unscrupulous and rampant practice of selling non-existent shares below the market asking price to artificially decrease the price per share has undermined my investments and my confidence in the SEC's or any other authority's ability to stop it. As long as this practice continues, the opportunity for small businesses to provide return for their investors will be maliciously and ashamedly obstructed. Expose the offenders. Hold them specifically accountable and prevent their abuse. Technology is available to prevent abusive naked shorting, as are my tax dollars. Please steward them effectively.