From: Geoffrey Grier
Sent: July 29, 2005
Subject: File No. 265-23

I have worked as a performance graph provider for thousands of publicly traded companies. This item is a required SEC item included in the executive compensation portion of the proxy or in some cases the 10K. I believe in lieu of some the other time sensitive items small business companies have to file, they would be better serving their shareholders, the SEC and themselves if such a document was required on an annual basis to replace and support some of the redundant filings. Especially if the small business thresholds are increased from $25 million in market cap or revenue. The increase ought to promote more transparency in an area where a tighter regulation system is needed not necessarily increasing the amount but refining the techniques through user friendly items. This item is such a visually clear picture of the company and how it is doing that shareholders, compliance officers and analyst generally buried under reams of text could make a fair assessment of where the company stands.

Geoffrey Grier
Sr. Vice President Marketing & Sales
Proxy Service Division
Research Data Group, Inc.
3450 Third St. #3F
San Francisco, CA 94124