Rule comment: This e-mail pertains to the ongoing litigation and ammendments to the rules pertaining to illegal naked short sales of Brokerage Firms who have no intentions of buying the shares of another company back or being able to deliver the shares in certificate form to bona fide shareholders of record. If Homeland security is so important thatn I would thing someone would address the issues of the governance of the secutiry indsutry as to who can be listed and who can trade certain securities becasue it is obvious that it does not matter whether a company is on the NYSE, NASDQ or the OTC because everyone files bankruptcy and gets a slap on the hand. Unfortunately, it is always the majority that gets shafted because the playing field is not balanced. If you are able to short stocks then you need to geovern those companies that do because they need to have their affirmative dertermination documents filed as well and this seems to be the major issue at hand because companies that short a huge block of shares are not filing the correct documents and are not forced to becasue of what I say is lobbying for certain transactions to clear. I would appreciate some insight to the concern about the financial markets because if Calpine files Bankruptcy then there is no security in the treasury or the Federal Reserves. Thanks for your time.