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Investment Company Act Deregistration Notices and Orders Archive: 2010

Following is a list of notices of applications for deregistration and orders under section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940.

See also other Investment Company Act Notices and Orders.

Additional Archives

Release No.DateDetails
IC-29541 Dec. 16, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
New Providence Investment Trust, 811-8295
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29553)
AARP Funds, 811-21825
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29554)
AARP Portfolios, 811-21839
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29555)
Investment Grade Municipal Income Fund Inc., 811-7096
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29556)
BBH Asian Opportunity Registered Fund, LLC, 811-22200
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29557)
UM Investment Trust, 811-21044
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29558)
Morgan Stanley Opportunistic Municipal High Income Fund, 811-21857
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29559)
BlackRock Core Alternatives Portfolio LLC, 811-22254
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29560)
BlackRock Core Alternatives TEI Portfolio LLC, 811-22364
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29561)
BlackRock Core Alternatives FB Portfolio LLC, 811-22365
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29562)
BlackRock Core Alternatives FB TEI Portfolio LLC, 811-22366
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29563)
Oppenheimer Principal Protected Trust, 811-21281
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29564)
BlackRock California Investment Quality Municipal Trust Inc., 811-7664
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29565)
T. Rowe Price Tax-Free Intermediate Bond Fund, Inc., 811-7051
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29566)
AFBA 5Star Funds, 811-8035
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29567)
Liquid Institutional Reserves, 811-6281
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29568)
IC-29502 Nov. 19, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Nuveen Insured Florida Premium Income Municipal Fund, 811-7120
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29528)
Nuveen Insured Florida Tax-Free Advantage Municipal Fund, 811-21215
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29529)
Eaton Vance Credit Opportunities Fund, 811-21820
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29530)
AmeriPrime Funds, 811-9096
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29531)
AmeriPrime Advisors Trust, 811-9541
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29532)
High Yield Income Fund, Inc., 811-5296
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29533)
High Yield Plus Fund, Inc., 811-5468
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29534)
Cash Accumulation Trust, 811-4060
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29535)
Neuberger Berman Realty Income Fund Inc., 811-21315
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29536)
Oak Value Trust, 811-9000
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29537)
Pioneer Small Cap Value Fund, 811-7985
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29538)
Pioneer Tax Free Income Fund, 811-2704
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29539)
Pioneer Mid Cap Growth Fund, 811-3564
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29540)
MONY America Variable Account S, 811-5100
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29527)
IC-29493 Oct. 29, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Evergreen Leaders Trust, 811-8334
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29506)
Federated Investment Portfolios, 811-7461
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29507)
Federated Investment Trust, 811-7477
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29508)
Stone Harbor Credit Recovery Income Fund, 811-22330
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29509)
Stone Harbor Local Markets Income Fund, 811-22068
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29510)
Pioneer Municipal and Equity Income Trust, 811-21448
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29511)
Torrey US Strategy Partners, LLC, 811-21066
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29512)
Torrey International Strategy Partners, LLC, 811-21067
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29513)
Morgan Stanley Global Opportunity Bond Fund, Inc., 811-8460
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29514)
Emerging Markets Portfolio, 811-8332
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29515)
Pennsylvania Avenue Funds, 811-21253
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29516)
Wells Family of Real Estate Funds, 811-8355
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29517)
Hyperion Brookfield Collateralized Securities Fund, Inc., 811-21466
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29518)
ICAP Funds, Inc., 811-8850
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29519)
Castle Convertible Fund, Inc., 811-2213
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29520)
Templeton Capital Accumulator Fund, 811-6198
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29504)
IC-29440 Sep. 24, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Ashport Mutual Fund Trust, 811-10301
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29465)
First Trust Value Line R & Ibbotson Equity Allocation Fund, 811-21517
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29466)
First Trust Value Line R 100 Fund, 811-21336
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29467)
First Trust Value Line Dividend Fund, 811-21381
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29468)
M&I Special Institutional Funds, Inc., 811-22232
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29469)
DWS Advisor Funds III, 811-6576
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29470)
DWS Investments Trust, 811-8006
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29471)
DWS RREEF Securities Trust, 811-9589
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29472)
DWS Advisor Funds II, 811-7347
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29473)
OFI Tremont Core Strategies Hedge Fund, 811-21110
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29474)
Sycuan Funds, 811-21401
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29475)
SGM Funds, 811-22247
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29476)
National Retail Fund I, 811-22197
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29477)
Federated International Small Company Opportunity Fund, 811-10131
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29478)
MLIG Variable Insurance Trust, 811-21038
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29481)
Modern Woodmen of America Variable Account, 811-10497
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29479)
Kemper Investors Life Insurance Company Separate Account – 3, 811-22161
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29480)
IC-29405 Aug. 27, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Templeton Capital Accumulation Plans I, 811-6197
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29420)
Templeton Capital Accumulation Pans II, 811-10165
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29421)
BlackRock Principal Protected Trust, 811-21162
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29422)
SM&R Investments, Inc., 811-6477
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29423)
Hilliard-Lyons Government Fund, Inc., 811-3070
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29424)
Liberty Term Trust, Inc. - 1999, 811-6253
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29425)
Pioneer Series Trust IX, 811-6151
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29426)
Rockland Funds Trust, 811-7743
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29427)
Excelsior Absolute Return Fund of Funds Master Fund, LLC, 811-21395
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29428)
Excelsior Absolute Return Fund of Funds, LLC, 811-21396
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29429)
ShariahShares Exchange –Traded Fund Trust, 811-22346
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29430)
Cohen & Steers Global Power and Utility Fund, Inc., 811-21804
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29431)
Cohen & Steers Asia Pacific Realty Fund, Inc., 811-21871
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29432)
Cohen & Steers Enhanced Closed-End Opportunity Fund, Inc., 811-22030
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29433)
Cohen & Steers Enhanced Dividend Fund, Inc., 811-22059
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29434)
Cohen & Steers Global Real Estate Income Opportunities Fund, Inc., 811-22060
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29435)
Cohen & Steers Global Power and Infrastructure Fund, Inc., 811-22157
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29436)
Cohen & Steers Global Realty Fund, Inc., 811-22009
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29437)
General New York Municipal Bond Fund, Inc., 811-4074
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29438)
American National Investment Accounts, Inc., 811-6155
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29419)
IC-29373 Jul. 29, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
John Hancock Equity Trust, 811-4079
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29387)
Destination Funds, 811-21701
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29388)
Small Cap Premium & Dividend Income Fund, Inc., 811-21746
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29389)
Enhanced S&P 500® Covered Call Fund Inc., 811-21787
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29390)
Telephone Exchange Fund AT&T Shares, 811-3822
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29391)
Oppenheimer Target Distribution Fund, 811-22230
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29392)
Oppenheimer Target Distribution & Growth Fund, 811-22231
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29393)
Ironwood Series Trust, 811-8507
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29394)
Van Kampen Partners Trust, 811-22268
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29395)
Ivy Funds, 811-1028
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29396)
Ivy Long/Short Hedge Fund LLC, 811-21246
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29397)
Frontier Funds Inc., 811-6449
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29398)
MetLife Investors Variable Annuity Account Five, 811-7060
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29401)
MetLife Investors Variable Life Account Five, 811-8433
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29403)
Metropolitan Life Variable Annuity Separate Account I, 811-8732
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29402)
The New England Variable Account, 811-5338    (Order: Rel No. IC-29404)
IC-29333 Jun. 25, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Core Strategies Fund, 811-21615
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29346)
Core Strategies Managed Volatility Fund, 811-21710
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29347)
American Independence Financial Solutions Funds Trust, 811-22246
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29348)
Dreyfus Inflation Adjusted Securities Fund, Inc., 811-7937
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29349)
Dreyfus Ohio Municipal Money Market Fund, Inc., 811-6272
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29350)
Dreyfus Capital Value Fund, Inc., 811-3943
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29351)
Security Cash Fund, 811-3073
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29352)
Prudential Institutional Liquidity Portfolio, Inc., 811-5336
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29353)
CNL Funds, 811-22017
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29354)
DMR Mortgage Opportunity Fund LP, 811-22203
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29355)
PNC Funds, Inc., 811-5782
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29356)
Evergreen Diversified Income Opportunities Fund, 811-22096
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29357)
Oppenheimer Inflation Protected Securities Fund, 811-22313
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29358)
Neuberger Berman Dividend Advantage Fund Inc., 811-21499
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29359)
Weiss Fund, 811-9084
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29360)
Presidio Funds, 811-21707
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29361)
Pioneer International Equity Fund, 811-7733
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29362)
Legg Mason Income Trust, Inc., 811-5029
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29363)
First Funds, 811-10569
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29364)
IQ Legacy Fund, 811-22163
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29365)
Old Mutual Financial Separate Account VA, 811-21952
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29345)
UBS Series Trust, 811-4919
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29371)
IC-29290 May 28, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
John Hancock Patriot Preferred Dividend Fund, 811-7590
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29304)
John Hancock Patriot Global Dividend Fund, 811-6685
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29305)
John Hancock Patriot Select Dividend Trust, 811-6107
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29306)
John Hancock Patriot Premium Dividend Fund I, 811-6182
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29307)
AIM Stock Funds, 811-1474
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29308)
Morgan Stanley Income Trust, 811-5654
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29309)
Morgan Stanley Limited Duration Fund, 811-7117
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29310)
Morgan Stanley Japan Fund, 811-7503
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29311)
Morgan Stanley Financial Services Trust, 811-7927
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29312)
Morgan Stanley Limited Term Municipal Trust, 811-7700
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29313)
Nuveen Florida Investment Quality Municipal Fund, 811-6266
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29314)
Nuveen Florida Quality Income Municipal Fund, 811-6382
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29315)
Delafield Fund, Inc., 811-8054
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29316)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Long/Short Equity Institutional Fund, LLC, 811-21641
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29317)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Multi-Strategy Institutional Fund, LLC, 811-21644
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29318)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Multi-Strategy Fund, LLC, 811-21657
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29319)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Long/Short Equity Fund, LLC, 811-21658
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29320)
Atlantic Whitehall Funds Trust, 811-8738
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29321)
Pioneer Select Value Fund, 811-21530
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29322)
Pioneer Select Growth Fund, 811-21452
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29323)
Utopia Funds, 811-21798
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29324)
Morgan Stanley International SmallCap Fund, 811-7169
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29325)
SG Principal Protected Trust, 811-21194
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29326)
S&P 500® Covered Call Fund Inc., 811-21672
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29327)
Capital Growth Portfolio, 811-9835
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29328)
Adelante Funds, 811-9679
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29329)
AIM Summit Fund, 811-3443
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29330)
IC-29263 Apr. 30, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Dreyfus/KLS National Municipal Fund, 811-22262
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29272)
Nuveen Floating Rate Fund, 811-9553
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29273)
Edward Jones Tax-Free Money Market Fund, 811-10291
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29274)
Cash Trust Series, 811-10583
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29275)
Excelsior Venture Investors III, LLC, 811-9973
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29276)
Columbia Funds Institutional Trust, 811-5857
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29277)
ACM Managed Dollar Income Fund, Inc., 811-7964
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29278)
Dreyfus Premier Equity Funds, Inc., 811-2488
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29279)
Dreyfus Premier Value Equity Funds, 811-4688
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29280)
Dreyfus Intermediate Municipal Income Fund, 811-21536
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29281)
Federated High Yield Municipal Income Fund, 811-21505
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29282)
Lou Holland Trust, 811-7533
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29283)
Premier Strategic Growth Fund, 811-5001
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29284)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Multi-Strategy Master Fund, LLC, 811-21737
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29285)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Long/Short Equity Master Fund, LLC, 811-21739
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29286)
Separate Account VA WM, 811-21961
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29298)
Separate Account VA Z, 811-22063
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29299)
Separate Account VA GNY, 811-22064
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29300)
IC-29200 Apr. 1, 2010 Notice of Application for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
American Vantage Companies, 811-21873
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29261)
IC-29193 Mar. 26, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Natixis Funds Trust III, 811-7345
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29214)
Oppenheimer Baring China Fund, 811-21953
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29215)
Philadelphia Fund, Inc., 811-505
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29216)
Philadelphia Fund Investing Programs, 811-787
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29217)
DWS Investors Funds, Inc., 811-8227
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29218)
Dreyfus Global Diversified Income Fund, 811-22111
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29219)
Dreyfus High Yield Municipal Income Fund, 811-22179
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29220)
Dreyfus Emerging Currency & Income Fund, 811-22181
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29221)
Franklin Capital Growth Fund, 811-334
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29222)
Oppenheimer SMA Core Bond Fund, 811-21916
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29223)
Centennial Money Market Trust, 811-2945
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29224)
Centennial Government Trust, 811-3391
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29225)
Dreyfus New York Municipal Income, Inc., 811-5651
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29226)
Dreyfus Fixed Income Securities, 811-21047
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29227)
Dreyfus Edison Electric Index Fund, Inc., 811-6289
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29228)
Transamerica Investors, Inc., 811-9010
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29229)
Dreyfus California Municipal Income, Inc., 811-5653
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29230)
Dreyfus A Bonds Plus, Inc., 811-2625
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29231)
Dreyfus Premier Fixed Income Funds, 811-4748
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29232)
Connecticut Daily Tax Free Income Fund, Inc., 811-4265
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29233)
Florida Daily Municipal Income Fund, 811-8654
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29234)
New Jersey Daily Municipal Income Fund, Inc., 811-6152
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29235)
BlackRock California Municipal Income Trust II, 811-21125
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29236)
BlackRock California Municipal Bond Trust, 811-21052
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29237)
BlackRock California Insured Municipal Income Trust, 811-21177
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29238)
BlackRock Legacy Securities Public-Private Trust, 811-22316
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29239)
Nuveen Multistate Shell Trust, 811-7759
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29240)
Nuveen Investment Trust IV, 811-9061
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29241)
Nuveen Multi-Currency Income Fund, 811-22071
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29242)
Nuveen Credit Strategies Fund, 811-22168
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29243)
Nuveen Connecticut Municipal Value Fund, 811-22286
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29244)
Nuveen Massachusetts Municipal Value Fund, 811-22287
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29245)
Nuveen High Income Municipal Fund, 811-22297
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29246)
Nuveen Symphony Market Neutral Fund, 811-21264
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29247)
Nuveen Municipal High Income Advantage Fund 3, 811-22173
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29248)
Nuveen Connecticut Municipal Income Opportunity Fund, 811-22176
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29249)
Nuveen Maryland Municipal Value Fund, 811-22288
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29250)
Nuveen North Carolina Municipal Value Fund, 811-22289
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29251)
Nuveen Ohio Municipal Value Fund, 811-22290
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29252)
Nuveen Virginia Municipal Value Fund, 811-22291
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29253)
Nuveen High Grade Municipal Income Fund, 811-22292
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29254)
IC-29174 Mar. 11, 2010 Notice of Application for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
American Vantage Companies, 811-21873
IC-29161 Feb. 26, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Oppenheimer Baring Japan Fund, 811-21954
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29180)
Samarnan Investment Corporation, 811-2824
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29181)
North Track Funds, Inc., 811-4401
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29182)
Cohen & Steers European Realty Shares, Inc., 811-22010
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29183)
Grosvenor Registered Multi-Strategy Fund NewSub, LLC, 811-22373
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29184)
Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Premium & Dividend Income Fund Inc., 811-22089
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29185)
T Funds Investment Trust, 811-21655
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29186)
Fortress Registered Investment Trust, 811-9751
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29187)
W.P. Stewart & Co. Growth Fund, Inc., 811-8128
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29188)
IC-29126 Jan. 29, 2010 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:

Credit Suisse Institutional Money Market Fund, Inc., 811-10471
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29134)
Credit Suisse Cash Reserve Fund, Inc., 811-4171
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29135)
ND Tax-Free Fund, Inc., 811-5681
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29136)
Montana Tax-Free Fund, Inc., 811-7738
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29137)
Prospect Street High Income Portfolio Inc., 811-5557
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29138)
Nicholas Family of Funds, Inc., 811-10531
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29139)
Helios Select Fund, Inc., 811-9079
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29140)
SEI Opportunity Fund, L.P., 811-21353
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29141)
S&P 500® GEARED Fund, Inc., 811-21611
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29142)
Defined Strategy Fund Inc., 811-21621
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29143)
Oppenheimer MidCap Fund, 811-8297
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29144)
Oppenheimer SMA International Bond Fund, 811-21917
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29145)
Regions Morgan Keegan Select Funds, 811-6511
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29146)
John Hancock World Fund, 811-4932
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29147)
Advantage Advisers Multi-Sector Fund I, 811-10473
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29148)
Astral Investments Trust, 811-21968
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29149)
Nuveen Washington Premium Income Municipal Fund, 811-7488
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29150)
Scudder Municipal Bond Fund Inc., 811-21255
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29151)
Scudder New York Municipal Bond Fund Inc., 811-21354
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29152)
Scudder California Municipal Bond Fund Inc., 811-21355
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29153)
DWS Dreman Enhanced Total Return Fund Inc., 811-22100
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29154)
Oppenheimer Dividend Growth Fund, 811-21718
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29155)
BlackRock Broad Investment Grade 2009 Term Trust Inc., 811-7250
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29156)
BCT Subsidiary, Inc., 811-9703
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29157)
Calvert Municipal Fund, Inc., 811-6525
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29158)
RidgeWorth Variable Trust, 811-9032
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29159)
Jan. 13, 2010 Orders for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:

ING Clarion Real Estate Income Fund, 811-21404
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29111)
BGT Subsidiary Inc., 811-8949
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29112)
BBN Subsidiary Inc., 811-7719
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29113)
BBT Subsidiary Inc., 811-7721
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29114)
Keystone America Hartwell Emerging Growth Fund, Inc., 811-1633
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29115)
Master Reserves Trust, 811-2597
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29116)
Keystone Mid Cap Growth Fund, 811-100
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29117)
B.B. Funds, 811-7921
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29118)
Prospect Street Income Shares Inc., 811-2365
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29119)
DWS Investment Portfolios, 811-7774
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29120)
DWS International Equity Portfolio, 811-6702
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29121)
Treasury Money Portfolio, 811-6072
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29122)
Paul Revere Variable Annuity Contract Accumulation Fund, 811-01356
   (Order: Rel No. IC-29123)

Modified: 01/31/2011