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Investment Company Act Deregistration Notices and Orders Archive: 2007

Following is a list of notices of applications for deregistration and orders under section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940.

See also other Investment Company Act Notices and Orders.

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Release No.DateDetails
IC-28084 Dec. 27, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Franklin Federal Money Fund, 811-3052
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28126)
Columbus Funds, Inc., 811-21463
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28127)
Granum Series Trust, 811-8029
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28128)
CAMCO Investors Fund, 811-8465
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28129)
FTI Funds, 811-7369
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28130)
Prairie Fund, 811-9931
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28131)
MetLife Investment Funds, Inc., 811-7450
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28132)
IC-28069 Nov. 30, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
International Equity Portfolio, 811-8434
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28085)
Small Cap Growth Portfolio, 811-7269
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28086)
The Premium Portfolios, 811-8436
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28087)
Government Income Portfolio, 811-8438
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28088)
CitiFunds Tax Free Reserves, 811-3893
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28089)
CitiFunds Multi-State Tax Free Trust, 811-4596
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28090)
CitiFunds Fixed Income Trust, 811-5033
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28091)
CitiFunds International Trust, 811-6154
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28092)
Adjustable Rate Securities Portfolios, 811-6242
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28093)
Atlas Funds, 811-5485
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28094)
Colonial Insured Municipal Fund, 811-9533
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28095)
BlackRock Basic Value Fund II, Inc., 811-9957
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28096)
Hallmark Equity Series Trust, 811-7734
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28097)
Hallmark Investment Series Trust, 811-879
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28098)
Merit Advisors Investment Trust, 811-21495
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28099)
Merit Advisors Investment Trust II, 811-21520
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28100)
Lazard Global Mid Cap Fund, Inc., 811-21683
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28101)
WhiteRock Portfolio Investors, L.L.C., 811-9104
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28102)
Separate Account AIA of Integrity Life Insurance Company, 811-5431
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28105)
Separate Account AII of Integrity Life Insurance Company, 811-5432
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28106)
Principal Aggressive Growth Fund, Inc., 811-8176
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28116)
Principal Asset Allocation Fund, Inc., 811-8178
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28115)
Principal Balanced Fund, Inc., 811-5073
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28114)
Principal Bond Fund, Inc., 811-5173
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28113)
Principal Emerging Growth Fund, Inc., 811-5170
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28112)
Principal Government Securities Fund, Inc., 811-4916
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28111)
Principal Growth Fund, Inc., 811-8180
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28110)
Principal High Yield Fund, Inc., 811-5175
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28109)
Principal Money Market Fund, Inc., 811-3546
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28108)
Principal World Fund, Inc., 811-8182
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28107)
Separate Account VUL of National Integrity Life Insurance Co., 811-4667
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28103)
Select Ten Plus Fund, LLC, 811-9179
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28104)
CILCONY Variable Separate Account, 811-21620
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28118)
IC-28037 Oct. 26, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Dover Regional Financial Shares, 811-4744
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28048)
Eaton Vance Global Enhanced Equity Income Fund, 811-21711
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28049)
Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Research Fund, 811-21821
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28050)
Advisory Hedged Opportunity Fund, 811-21288
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28051)
BlackRock Europe Fund, Inc., 811-6042
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28052)
Merrill Lynch Strategy Series, Inc., 811-9617
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28053)
Merrill Lynch Inflation Protected Fund, 811-21473
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28054)
Master Inflation Protected Trust, 811-21518
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28055)
Colonial New York Insured Municipal Fund, 811-9539
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28056)
SouthEast Tax Exempt Income Trust, 811-2960
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28057)
Hutton Investment Trust, 811-3647
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28058)
ThomasLloyd Funds, 811-9156
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28059)
Van Kampen World Portfolio Series Trust, 811-6220
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28060)
Alpha Hedge Fund, Inc., 811-21577
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28061)
Baron Capital Funds Trust, 811-8505
Jefferson Pilot Variable Fund, Inc., 811-4161
PFL Variable Life Account A, 811-9579
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28068)
IC-28006 Sep. 28, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Ameritor Investment Fund, 811-747
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28025)
UC Co Investment Fund LLC, 811-21599
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28026)
Dryden Municipal Series Fund, 811-4023
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28027)
Van Kampen Trust for Investment Grade Florida Municipals, 811-6538
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28028)
Asset Management Fund Large Cap Equity Institutional Fund, Inc., 811-620
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28029)
ACM Municipal Securities Income Fund, Inc., 811-7510
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28030)
The Tocqueville Alexis Trust, 811-8428
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28031)
Franklin Templeton High Yield Trust, 811-21358
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28032)
Value Line U.S. Multinational Company Fund, Inc., 811-7311
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28033)
Advantage Advisers Troon Fund, L.L.C., 811-8003
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28034)
Excelsior Directional Hedge Fund of Funds NewSub, LLC, 811-22055
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28035)
Federated Capital Income Fund, Inc., 811-5114
   (Order: Rel No. IC-28036)
IC-27962 Aug. 31, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Alliance World Dollar Government Fund, Inc., 811-7108
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27984)
Alliance Global Environment Fund, Inc., 811-5993
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27985)
First American Strategic Income Portfolio Inc., 811-21271
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27986)
Highland Corporate Opportunities Fund, 811-21766
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27987)
Prudential Pacific Growth Fund, Inc., 811-6391
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27988)
J.P. Morgan Fleming Series Trust, 811-21276
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27989)
Torrey Multi-Strategy Partners, LLC, 811-21068
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27990)
The Valiant Fund, 811-7582
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27991)
Oppenheimer High Yield Fund, 811-2849
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27992)
Equipointe Funds, 811-21508
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27993)
First Investors Cash Management Fund, Inc., 811-2860
   (Order: Rel No. IC-27994)
Capitol Life Separate Account M, 811-2873
IC-27912 Jul. 27, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Portico Funds, Inc. , 811-10511
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27937)
Conseco Fund Group 811-7839
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27938)
First Investors Fund For Income, Inc., 811-2107
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27939)
First Investors Special Bond Fund, Inc., 811-2981
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27940)
First Investors Global Fund, Inc. , 811-3169
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27941)
First Investors Insured Tax Exempt Fund, Inc., 811-2923
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27942)
First Investors New York Insured Tax Free Fund, Inc., 811-3843
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27943)
First Investors Multi-State Insured Tax Free Fund, 811-4623
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27944)
Executive Investors Trust, 811-4927
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27945)
Badgley Funds, Inc., 811-8769
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27946)
American Century Avanti Funds, Inc., 811-10217
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27947)
Prudential Europe Growth Fund, Inc., 811-7167
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27948)
First Investors Series Fund, 811-5690
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27949)
Value Line Hedged Opportunity Fund, Inc., 811-8607
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27950)
Value Line Smaller Companies Fund, Inc., 811-21608
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27951)
Value Line Value Fund, Inc., 811-21639
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27952)
Vestaur Securities Fund, 811-2320
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27953)
40|86 Series Trust, 811-3641
Huntington VA Funds, 811-9481
IC-27876 Jun. 28, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Boyle Fund, 811-8501
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27892)
GAM Avalon Multi-Strategy (TEI), LLC, 811-21026
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27893)
GAM Institutional Multi-Strategy, LLC, 811-21027
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27894)
GAM Multi-Strategy Investments, LLC, 811-21736
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27895)
Evergreen Income & Growth Fund, 811-2829
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27896)
Evergreen Growth & Income Fund, 811-4715
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27897)
TIAA-CREF Mutual Funds, 811-8055
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27898)
GAM Avalon Lancelot, LLC, 811-10245
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27899)
The Primary Income Funds, Inc., 811-5831
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27900)
BlackRock Global Value Fund, Inc., 811-7561
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27901)
Curan Fund, LLC, 811-21091
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27902)
Morgan Stanley Total Return Trust, 811-8600
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27903)
The Catholic Funds, Inc.811-9177
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27904)
Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund of Hedge Funds II LP, 811-21768
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27905)
Pioneer Emerging Growth Fund, 811-21105
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27906)
MBIA Capital First Trust Relative Value Municipal Fund, 811-21572
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27907)
First Trust/Pequot Energy Income Fund, 811-21688
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27908)
Jefferson National Life Annuity Account M, 811-21513
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27891)
Jefferson National Life Annuity Account N, 811-21514
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27890)
Jefferson National Life Annuity Account O, 811-21512
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27889)
IC-27840 May 25, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
(Orders dated June 20, 2007)
Prudential Unit Trusts Prudential Equity Trust Shares 1, File No. 811-5046
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27853)
Seligman Quality Municipal Fund, Inc., File No. 811-6100
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27854)
California Investment Trust II, File No. 811-4418
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27855)
Putnam Florida Tax Exempt Income Fund, File No. 811-6129
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27856)
First Fiduciary Trust, File No. 811-21445
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27857)
TT International U.S.A. Feeder Trust, File No. 811-9975
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27858)
TT International U.S.A. Master Trust, File No. 811-10151
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27859)
Antenor Fund, LLC, File No. 811-21089
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27860)
Beaumont Fund, LLC, File No. 811-21090
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27861)
First Funds, File No. 811-6589
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27862)
Agile Funds, Inc., File No. 811-21329
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27863)
Cohen & Steers Quality REIT Preferred Fund, Inc., File No. 811-21086
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27864)
Cohen & Steers Dividend Advantage Realty Fund, Inc., File No. 811-21203
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27865)
Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty Fund II, Inc., File No. 811-21310
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27866)
Cohen & Steers Dividend All Star Fund, Inc., File No. 811-21573
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27867)
IC-27806 Apr. 27, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Stepstone Funds, 811-6192
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27827)
Morgan Stanley Aggressive Equity Fund, 811-8471
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27828)
Morgan Stanley Growth Fund, 811-6551
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27829)
DCM Series Trust, 811-9527
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27830)
ING Clarion Investors LLC, 811-21501
    (Order Rel. No. IC-27831)
Rydex Capital Partners Sphinx Equity Long/Short Fund, 811-21773
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27832)
Kobren Insight Funds, 811-7813
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27833)
Kopp Funds, Inc., 811-8267
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27834)
Citigroup Alternative Investments Multi-Adviser Hedge Fund Portfolios (Series M) LLC, 811-21999 Order: Rel. No. IC-27835
INTRUST Funds Trust, 811-7505
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27836)
IC-27771 Mar. 30, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
The Preferred Group of Mutual Funds, 811-6602
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27785)
AIM Floating Rate Fund, 811-9797
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27786)
Pioneer Balanced Fund, 811-1605
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27787)
Pioneer America Income Trust, 811-5516
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27788)
Pioneer Europe Select Fund, 811-10111
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27789)
Pioneer Small Company Fund, 811-7339
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27790)
BlackRock U.S. Government Fund, 811-4077
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27791)
BlackRock Short Term U.S. Government Fund, Inc., 811-6304
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27792)
BlackRock U.S. High Yield Fund, Inc., 811-8699
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27793)
Master U.S. High Yield Trust, 811-10019
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27794)
Merrill Lynch Disciplined Equity Fund, Inc., 811-9299
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27795)
Pioneer Limited Maturity Bond Fund, 811-6657
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27796)
ACM Government Opportunity Fund, Inc., 811-5595
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27797)
AIM Combination Stock & Bond Funds, 811-8066
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27798)
Sentinel Pennsylvania Tax-Free Trust, 811-4781
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27799)
Bailard Opportunity Fund Group, Inc., 811-6146
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27800)
Smith Barney Fund of Stripped Zero US Treasury Securities, 811-4324
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27801)
Smith Barney Fund of Stripped Zero Coupon US Treasury Securities, 811-4583
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27802)
Liberty-Stein Roe Advisor Trust, 811-7955
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27803)
IC-27739 Feb. 23, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
(Orders dated March 21, 2007)
Eagle Growth Shares Investing Programs, 811-2018
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27757)
Credit Suisse Institutional Fixed Income Fund, Inc. 811-8917
   (Order: Rel. No. IC-27758)
Credit Suisse Small Cap Growth Fund, Inc. , 811-7909
   (Order: Rel. No. IC-27759)
Credit Suisse Fixed Income Fund, 811-5039
   (Order: Rel. No. IC-27760)
Federated Municipal High Yield Advantage Fund, Inc., 811-4533
   (Order: Rel. No. IC-27761)
Pioneer Tax Qualified Dividend Fund, 811-21459
   (Order: Rel. No. IC-27762)
Pioneer International Income and Growth Trust, 811-21535
   (Order: Rel. No. IC-27763)
Pioneer Municipal High Yield Trust, 811-21717
   (Order: Rel. No. IC-27764)
Liberty All-Star Mid-Cap Fund, 811-21733
   (Order: Rel. No. IC-27765)
Ameritrade Automatic Common Exchange Security Trust, 811-9319
   (Order: Rel. No. IC-27766)
Pioneer AllWeather Fund LLC, 811-21408
   (Order: Rel. No. IC-27767)
IC-27689 Jan. 26, 2007 Notice of Applications for Deregistration under Section 8(f) of the Investment Company Act of 1940:
Boston Advisors Trust, 811-9675
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27710)
Credit Suisse New York Municipal Fund, 811-4964
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27711)
Morgan Stanley Global Utilities Fund, 811-7119
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27712)
Morgan Stanley Balanced Income Fund, 811-7243
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27713)
Morgan Stanley Income Builder Fund, 811-7575
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27714)
UMB Scout Money Market Fund, Inc., 811-3528
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27715)
UMB Scout Tax-Free Money Market Fund, Inc., 811-3556
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27716)
UMB Scout Stock Fund, Inc., 811-3557
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27717)
UMB Scout Bond Fund, Inc., 811-3558
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27718)
UMB Scout WorldWide Fund, Inc., 811-7472
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27719)
UMB Scout Kansas Tax-Exempt Bond Fund, Inc., 811-8513
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27720)
UMB Scout Balanced Fund, Inc., 811-7323
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27721)
The Jundt Growth Fund, Inc., 811-6317
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27722)
Jundt Funds, Inc., 811-9128
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27723)
American Eagle Funds, Inc., 811-9699
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27724)
Bremer Investment Funds, Inc., 811-7919
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27725)
Putnam Managed High Yield Trust, 811-7658
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27726)
Oppenheimer Total Return Bond Fund, 811-21268
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27727)
Tep Fund, Inc., 811-3609
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27728)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Event Driven Master Fund, LLC, 811-21738
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27729)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Relative Value Master Fund, LLC, 811-21740
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27730)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Tactical Trading Master Fund, LLC, 811-21741
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27731)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Relative Value Fund, LLC, 811-21660
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27732)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Relative Value Institutional Fund, LLC, 811-21642
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27733)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Tactical Trading Institutional Fund, LLC, 811-21643
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27734)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Event Driven Institutional Fund, LLC, 811-21645
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27735)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Event Driven Fund, LLC, 811-21659
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27736)
Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Tactical Trading Fund, LLC, 811-21661
    (Order: Rel. No. IC-27737)
Travelers Series Trust, 811-6465
Capital Appreciation Fund, 811-3429
High Yield Bond Trust, 811-3428
Managed Assets Trust, 811-3568
Money Market Portfolio, 811-3274
Financial Investors Variable Insurance Trust, 811-10215
IC-27687 Jan. 25, 2007 The New York Tax-Exempt Fund, Inc., 811-5278 (Order)
IC-27686 Jan. 25, 2007 Evergreen Managed Strategies Fund, LLC, 811-21175 (Order)
IC-27685 Jan. 25, 2007 Evergreen Hedged Specialists Fund, LLC, 811-21174 (Order)
IC-27684 Jan. 25, 2007 Man-Glenwood Lexington Institutional TEI, LLC, 811-21772 (Order)
IC-27683 Jan. 25, 2007 GAM Funds, Inc., 811-4062 (Order)
IC-27682 Jan. 25, 2007 Mount Yale Opportunity Fund, LLC, 811-21635 (Order)
IC-27681 Jan. 25, 2007 State and Local Trusts, Series I, 811-5147 (Order)
IC-27680 Jan. 25, 2007 Rydex Capital Partners Sphinx Fund, 811-21278 (Order)
IC-27679 Jan. 25, 2007 Thirteenth Automatic Common Exchange Security Trust, 811-9431 (Order)
IC-27678 Jan. 25, 2007 Agilex Funds, 811-21123 (Order)

Modified: 02/02/2009