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Sample Form ADV-T

Form ADV-T is no longer in use. This page is retained for archive purposes, to allow interested parties to view the retired form.

The Form ADV-T is presented here as an exhibit, to allow interested parties to preview the form. Although it is possible to print out the form in the format presented here (Adobe Acrobat), we would prefer that you use the form that you receive from us in the mail. The form you receive from us will have pre-printed address labels similar to those the Internal Revenue Service provides for individual tax returns. These labels will help us process the estimated 24,000 forms we expect to receive.

To view these files, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is shareware) installed on your system. To download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, connect to the Adobe Web Site at http://www.adobe.com/acrobat/readstep.html (or use link below) . Complete all the download steps; you will only have to do this once. After completion of setup, you'll have the ability to view and print any PDF file; this format is commonly used on the World Wide Web for material that need to be printed out in a specific format (such as order forms and tax forms). You can download a PDF file to your system to view it, or you can view it on-line.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader now.


Modified: 01/11/2010