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SEC Concept Releases Archive 2010

The Commission occasionally publishes "concept" releases to solicit the public's views on securities issues so that we can better evaluate the need for future rulemaking. We encourage the public to submit comments on the following concept releases during the comment period. For detailed instructions, please read How to Submit Comments. Concept releases currently available include:

Additional Archives

Release No.DateDetails
34-62717 Aug. 13, 2010 Definitions Contained in Title VII of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
Comments due:  September 20, 2010
File No.:  S7-16-10
Comments received are available for this notice
Submit comments on S7-16-10
Federal Register version
34-62495 Jul. 14, 2010 Concept Release on the U.S. Proxy System
Other Release Nos.:  IA-3052, IC-29340
Comments due:  October 20, 2010
File No.:  S7-14-10
Comments received are available for this notice
Submit comments on S7-14-10
Federal Register version
34-61358 Jan. 14, 2010 Concept Release on Equity Market Structure
Comments due:  April 21, 2010
File No.:  S7-02-10
Comments received are available
Submit comments on S7-02-10
Federal Register version

Modified: 08/31/2011