Known for its rich history, delicious seafood, and the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner, Baltimore is also a city with a large population of savvy investors. Chairman Jay Clayton along with Commissioners Kara Stein, Robert Jackson, and Elad Roisman, and other SEC staff recently hosted a roundtable in the Charm City to discuss newly proposed rules to help people keep charge of their personal finances and answer questions from the audience.

“In the past few months, we have traveled around the country to hear from Main Street investors about their experiences and their views of what they expect from their investment professionals. At this roundtable, it was a particular pleasure for me to have Commissioners Stein, Jackson, and Roisman join me to hear directly from investors in Baltimore. I would like to thank both the staff who put this event together and the individuals who attended—many of whom generously gave us their time after a full day of work—for contributing to the ongoing dialogue between the SEC and the investors we serve.”
– Chairman Jay Clayton

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The diverse audience at the event represented a wide-range of investors planning for important life events, such as college, a first home, or retirement. Attendees had a chance to speak directly with the SEC officials about the agency’s efforts to enhance retail investor protection and promote choice and access to a variety of investment services and products.

This trip to Baltimore is the latest in Chairman Clayton and the SEC staff’s effort to bring Washington, D.C. to Main Street. With stops in Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, and Denver, the SEC has been seeking feedback from people across the country.