A series about SEC employees and their work away from their desks

Food, clothing and shelter: Basic Investments

For some SEC employees, the satisfaction of helping others is truly a labor of love. For Corey Jennings, an attorney in the Division of Corporation Finance, that means offering others the comforts of his home, and home cooked meals.

You can look at the cost, or you can look at what it adds to you,”

Serving as a drop-off point for clothing donations, a location for fund raising events and home base to cooking for food drives and charity events, Corey’s house has been a busy one over the past several years.

“People can go to all kinds of places to contribute to […] society and to serve, but to open your actual home for people, hundreds and hundreds of people each year to come and enjoy and raise funds, drop off bags, bring food, [it] seems to be such a powerful thing,” Jennings said. “I didn’t really understand the depths of that, really, until this year.”

Through his membership with several area service organizations such as We Feed Our People and Men Who Cook, Jennings has donated his time, talents in the kitchen, and the use of his home for fundraising events over the past several years.

When asked what he thought opening up his home to strangers for charity work said about him, Jennings responded with an observation he has made over time.

corey goods for homeless

“I think it sends a message that you can communicate with people, people can trust each other, people can learn to associate with each other, people can be happy with and around each other,”

Jennings is just one of the many SEC employees who find satisfaction through service to others. Learn more about SEC staff who volunteer their time to their communities.