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A series about SEC employees and their work away from their desks

Four walls. A roof. A house. A home, built in part by SEC employees who volunteered with Habitat for Humanity.

“This is a house built on love and on public service, too.”

Diane Audino and Dwight Fu of the SEC's New York Regional Office were eager to join fellow SEC staff members as part of a team that would help construct a home for a family in Bergenfield, New Jersey. Audino says after learning about the family's needs, “I immediately signed up.”

Volunteers arrived at the site on “a freezing cold day” last winter and were put to work in and outside the house, Audino recalls. Inspired by what the group accomplished, she is planning to help another Habitat project that will build a multi-family home for senior citizens and veterans.

Habitat Dwight and Diane

“Habitat for Humanity is a great way to help the broader community.
I really liked that opportunity.”

For his part, Fu found homebuilding was a natural extension of his work as an examiner.

“Working at the SEC, we help out the public and we’re public servants, we’re there for the people. When we get out of work, I still think about how to help out society, how to help out people and that includes things like participating in Habitat for Humanity,” says Fu.