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A series about SEC employees and their work away from their desks

Artists have long celebrated horses for their strength, grace, and spirit. As writer Toni Robinson put it, “Horses change lives…they give us hope.” Animal lovers such as the SEC’s Brittany Ebbertt give back by helping horses that have suffered abuse or neglect.

“I am an animal lover in general but I’ve always loved horses.”

Ebbertt, a senior staff accountant in the Division of Corporation Finance, volunteers at a Maryland non-profit that shelters horses that have been mistreated and works to rehabilitate them and prepare them for adoption.

“They can have a home and be loved again,” says Ebbertt. “It’s just about restoring that confidence in people, in humans, and watching them develop that bond all over again is amazing.”

In addition to her volunteer work at the horse rescue, Ebbertt serves on its board of directors and volunteers at running events. Seeking to spread the word about volunteer opportunities, she founded the SEC’s Volunteer Club in 2015 and serves as its co-chair. The club, with more than 300 members nationwide, encourages SEC employees to volunteer their time and talents to those who could use a helping hand.

Whether it’s reading to children, working with veterans’ groups or organizing an animal adoption drive, “there’s something for everybody,” notes Ebbertt. She encourages those who haven’t volunteered to give it a try, saying: “the best feeling is the feeling that you get when you can help somebody.”

Brittany SEC interview

“We decided to pilot this volunteer club concept at the SEC… we wanted to focus on starting a club that could just foster those types of opportunities and make people aware of them.”