Did you know:

  1. In FY 2016, the staff in the Office of Municipal Securities participated in more than 25 conferences, roundtables, and other outreach events throughout the U.S. to engage with municipal securities market participants about current market issues and to educate market participants about SEC rules.  
  2. Division of Trading and Markets staff approved a FINRA rule that is designed to help senior investors by allowing brokers to delay paying funds or delivering securities when they suspect an elderly customer is being exploited.  
  3. Staff in the Salt Lake Regional Office recently organized the “STOP FRAUD UTAH” campaign.  The campaign is a statewide collaboration of federal, state and local law enforcement that will provide fraud prevention training in counties around the state.  
  4. SEC is green! About 77 percent of our employees take public transportation to work.  
  5. As of October 1, 2016, there were 12,200 SEC-registered investment advisers; approximately 60 percent provide investment advice to individuals
  6. The Office of the Secretary received and processed over 150,000 public comment letters in FY 2016 regarding rulemaking and other Commission initiatives.  
  7. The Office of the Chief Accountant provided educational sessions to over 400 students from 12 different universities on the work of the SEC and OCA.
  8. Approximately 37 percent of SEC-registered investment advisers provide investment advice to private funds such as hedge funds, private equity funds, and venture capital funds with gross assets of about $10.7 trillion