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Office of Inspector General

Aug. 18, 2015

John R. Hartman

Assistant Inspector General for Investigations


Mr. Hartman is the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Office of Inspector General (OIG). In this capacity he is responsible for supervising and directing SEC OIG investigations in a thorough and objective manner.

Mr. Hartman began his law enforcement and security career in 1988. His experience includes 26 years with the Department of Energy OIG, where he served in various positions including Deputy Inspector General for Investigations and Assistant Inspector General for Investigations. From 1988 to 1990, Mr. Hartman served as a Special Agent at the General Services Administration.

Mr. Hartman, a native of Nazareth, PA, received a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and a M.S. degree in Justice from the American University in Washington, DC. In 1999, he completed the Senior Executive Fellows Program at Harvard University. In 2007, Mr. Hartman received the prestigious Presidential Meritorious Executive Rank Award.

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