Subject: File No. S7-28-04
From: Lawrence Shultz
Affiliation: Victim of the Terrorist Group known as the SEC

November 18, 2007

To: The SEC and ALL Government Agencies.

WHY is this Country "United States of America" all over the world SAYING they are fighting Terrorism when the Allow, Enable Protect Terrorist to THRIVE here on US soil? The SEC is a complete FAILURE in protecting America and actually they ALLOW Terrorist to Counterfeit Shares of stock through Naked Short Selling which ENABLE these Terrorist to DESTROY Good Companies to where many Americans lose their job and their heath benefits. There are many in this Government who need to be tried for TREASON and the Penalty should be DEATH. For they are indirectly causing many to die and suffer. If this is NOT Terrorism I have no idea what you would then call it. America is being Destroyed from within. In all TRUTH the US Government is the Biggest TERRORIST in the World. Chairman Cox should be in JAIL Now for his FAILURE to do his JOB and allowing these Terrorist to THRIVE. The DOJ by allowing this to take place has also FAILED all Americans. And I must pay taxes for THIS? You "US Government" make many feel disgraced being called a US citizen for we are associated with the Biggest TERRORIST Group the World has to offer which is YOU "the US Government".

A no-longer proud to be American.