Subject: File No. S7-28-04
From: Fred J Forrest, Sr.
Affiliation: Retired Systems and Procedures Analyst/IBM Endicott, NY

January 31, 2017

Experience investing and stock holder reports:
The train of thought is strained by the ability of some to circumvent the naming conventions. e.g. MDSI is/used as both
Matrix Dental Systems International and
MDSI Mobile Data Solutions Inc.

Transaction reporting sales and purchases:
Sales are not shown as an incremental sum tabulation. That is, a much to do about what transactions are performed, but there is a lack of a composite $ picture of incremented or decreased money as a snapshot of banking activity.

Standardization of a composite reporting would be a summary of facts. A standard gate keeper The SEC should also provide a singular menu driven home page to show links to the standard business topics. If you are familiar with the previous web page, the SEC had a link. Now there are more pictures to dumb down the user. The core values of digitized data have been exploited to distract rather than to complement easily accessed intelligence.